Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine uses plants, minerals and other organic substances to treat a variety of health concerns. Our herbal formulations can be used to benefit every system in the body: cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, reproductive, digestive and even your skin! This system of medicine can be used alone or in conjunction with the other treatments we offer at AcuHealth. Herbal formulations can be consumed internally as a tea or tablet, or used topically as a mask, poultice, liniment, soak or salve.

All herbal consults begin with a thorough health history, similar to our other treatment options. In order to write a custom herb formulation it is important to discuss your current symptoms, underlying diagnoses, known allergies you may have or irritants that you have encountered, and your current list of medications/supplements.

Want to know the best part about this service? We offer both in person and virtual consults for your comfort and convenience. Our virtual platform is HIPAA compliant and easy to use. Call us today to set up your in-person or virtual appointment for herbal medicine! We can’t wait to work with you.


Is herbal medicine really safe?

Herbal supplements are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They fall under a category called dietary supplements. We do our best to ensure that all herbal products sold through AcuHealth are GMP certified when applicable and all of our herbalists are nationally accredited through the NCCAOM. In short, herbal medicine is safe when practiced by a properly trained practitioner which is what you’ll find at AcuHealth

How effective is herbal medicine?

The effectiveness of your herbal formula is connected to patient compliance, appropriate dosing and the correct compilation of herbal substances. It is imperative that you are honest and work closely with your practitioner so that modifications can be made to your formula and dosing as needed.

What are some ailments or conditions that you are regularly presented with?

A myriad of conditions can benefit from herbal medicine. Some conditions that we treat frequently and effectively include, but are not limited to: seasonal allergies, the common cold, eczema, acne and various skin conditions, fertility, gynecological disorders, insomnia, mood, blood pressure or cholesterol, indigestion or IBS, autoimmune diseases, general wellness and more. Never hesitate to call and speak with one of our practitioners to see if herbal medicine might be a good fit for you.