Acupuncture can benefit virtually every system in the body

Pain Relief

Acupuncture provides long-lasting relief from acute and chronic pain. At AcuHealth we have experience working with a variety of pain conditions, including, but not limited to: neck pain, back pain, nerve pain, joint pain, abdominal pain and head pain! The treatment methods we offer at AcuHealth have helped patients decrease or eliminate pain medications, heal from old injuries, lower pain levels and improve overall quality of life. If you have questions about your pain and working with our team of practitioners at AcuHealth, call us today. We are in-network with most insurance providers. It would be a privilege to work with you.

Are you experiencing pain or discomfort of any kind? Let us help.

Back Pain

Your spine and the surrounding musculature are the line along which everything else maneuvers. Pain at any level of your spine can severely hinder your day-to-day life and impact hobbies that bring you joy. If back pain is keeping you from picking up your children/grandchildren, taking you aware from your exercise practice or making it difficult to simply get out of bed in the morning, consider acupuncture. AcuHealth will work with you on your specific pain condition and create a customized treatment plan to provide relief. Don’t hesitate to reach out today!

Joint Pain

Arthritis or an injury causing hand pain? Ankle pain? Wrist pain? Foot pain? Does your pain wander from joint to joint depending on the weather? We see this a lot and there’s much we can do to help! Acupuncture, stretching techniques, herbal soaks, and topical salves are just a couple of the methods we use to keep your joints mobile, flexible, and ready for life! Give us a call today to start moving with more ease!

Knee Pain

Knee pain is one of the most common pain symptoms we treat here at AcuHealth. Acupuncture can help decrease pain and improve joint mobility by improving circulation and eliminating inflammation. If you want to get back to hiking, dancing or simply need support recovering from a knee injury or surgery, our needles can help! Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with our acupuncture specialists.

Hip Pain

Our hips provide us with both mobility and stability, making them a crucial part of daily movement. Because of their constant use, pain and inflammation in the hips is very common. Hip pain can be localized in the joint or refer into the gluts, groin or leg. Recently had a hip replaced? That’s ok, too! Acupuncture can support the healing process and bring the body into balance both pre and post-op. Let our team of practitioners at AcuHealth evaluate your hip concerns and work towards a solution for your pain. Give AcuHealth a call today!


Headaches… If you know, you know. Whether your headaches are a daily occurrence, cyclical or feel completely random- acupuncture, herbal medicine and chiropractic are all effective at treating head pain. Our patients at AcuHealth are pleased to find a decrease in symptom frequency and intensity following treatment. If you have questions about your history with headaches, we would love to hear from you. Call the office today.

Cluster Headache

Cluster headaches occur in sequence over an extended period of time. They come on quickly and intensely following periods of remission. Acupuncture can help break the cycle of this pattern. Patients report a decrease in symptom intensity with longer periods of remission while utilizing acupuncture. The goal is to eliminate this chronic pain pattern all together by decreasing stress, improving circulation, promoting healthy sleep patterns and bringing the body into a state of better balance. Call AcuHealth today to see how acupuncture can ease your cluster headaches.

Tension Headache

Tension headaches are the most common headache pattern we see at AcuHealth. They are often described as band-like, wrapping or squeezing sensation. Stress, fatigue, prolonged screen time, poor posture and dehydration are the most common causes of tension headaches. Acupuncture can be so helpful in relieving tension headaches by getting to the root of their cause. Have questions about your headache pattern? Please call us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

Post Concussion Syndrome

Post concussion syndrome often involves frequent headaches, heaviness of the head, changes in vision, brain fog and fatigue. Acupuncture can help ease these symptoms and expedite healing by decreasing inflammation and stress. Give us a call today to get started!

Women’s Health

Premenstrual Syndrome & Painful Periods

Do you experience bloating? Cramping? Headaches? Fatigue? Irritability? Breast tenderness? Loose stools before or during your period? Your menstrual cycle does not have to be disruptive, yet it is for so many. Women’s health is one of our passions at AcuHealth. We love helping women see their cycle through the lens of this ancient medical practice. Acupuncture in combination with herbal medicine and simple lifestyle changes prove effective in easing the physical discomfort and mental stress that so many suffer through each month. Stop suffering and give AcuHealth a call today.


Whether you are preparing your body to conceive for the first time, or you are further into your fertility journey and working with a fertility specialist, acupuncture is a wonderful way to support the process. Acupuncture can help thicken uterine lining, balance hormone levels, improve egg quality, improve sperm count, ease mental and physical stress, and has been proven to increase the success rate of IVF! Have questions? Please call us so we can find the practitioner that will best fit your needs.


Chronic stress can have a negative impact systemically. It can increase your heart rate and blood pressure, slow your metabolism and cause weight gain, impact your sleep quality, lower your immune function and affect your overall mental and physical health. Acupuncture can help! The points we use have been proven to decrease stress by lowering cortisol levels and boosting endorphin production. The treatment is gentle, comfortable and deeply relaxing. Most patients fall asleep on the table and are elated when that level of relaxation carries on outside the treatment room. Patients often state they feel less reactive to daily stress and overall feel less tense. Call today and schedule your acu-nap.

Sleep health

Trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? Restless at night or wake feeling fatigued? Vivid dreaming or waking feeling anxious? Sleep is critical for good health. Let us help you sleep better so you can live better. We would love to hear from you.

About Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient and revered therapy that involves the use of gentle, hair thin needles at specific points to stimulate the nervous system. We use acupuncture techniques to promote pain relief, restore balance, improve circulation, and enhance the overall quality of life for our clients.

The practice of acupuncture has been utilized for over 2,000 years with studied and proven results but is often sidestepped due to an individual’s fear of needles. Know that acupuncture needles are extremely fine. Nearly 28 acupuncture needles can fit inside the head of a standard hypodermic needle. We often hear from new patients their surprise at feeling no pain upon insertion and how they wish they had tried acupuncture sooner!

Acupuncture is a method that is sometimes sidestepped or undervalued due to the use of needles. We want to assure you that these needles are extremely fine and clients report none to minimal pain upon insertion. They are also, oftentimes, slightly warmed to further deter from any feelings of discomfort. These miniscule needles are strategically placed along points on the body that correlate to pathways in the central nervous system which allow for energy transfer, clearances of any blockages present, and pain relief. 

Our licensed acupuncturists will meet with you to discuss your health history and work alongside you to formulate a comprehensive plan for customized relief. Please call us today to ask any questions you may have. We can’t wait to work with you

Please call us today to schedule your consultation with our team! We can’t wait to work with you!


How long does an acupuncture treatment usually take to feel or take effect?

Each person’s experience with acupuncture is different. Most feel some degree of relief as quickly as the first treatment. However, the degree of relief experienced and the length of time that the relief lasts can vary from person to person. Each treatment has a cumulative benefit. The length of time your symptoms have been present can play a role in how many sessions may be required to bring forth your desired outcome. Be assured that our practitioners at AcuHealth will work with you to build a treatment strategy that meets your needs in the most efficient and effective way.

Is acupuncture safe?

Acupuncture is completely safe when practiced by a properly trained practitioner. Our staff is NY state licensed, nationally certified and has nearly 50 years of experience combined. They have all passed several national board exams and complete all annually required continuing education units. The health and safety of our clients is always our top priority.

Are there any side effects that I should be aware of?

One of the biggests benefits of utilizing acupuncture is that it is safe and non-invasive. Deep relaxation and relief from discomfort are the most common side effects noted by clients at AcuHealth. Those that tend to bruise or bleed easily occasionally notice superficial irritation around the site of insertion. Any possible risks or side effects specific to your case will be discussed with you before any needles are placed.

Where do you place the needles on the body?

The most common acupuncture points are located below the elbows and knees or along the back. There are over 400 acupuncture points on the body and each point has a specific function. The location of the needle and the number of needles used can vary according to a patient’s healthcare goals. Loose fitting clothing is recommended for treatment but we are able to provide gowns, sheets and comfortable draping as needed.

Can I receive acupuncture when pregnant?

It is absolutely safe to receive acupuncture when pregnant. In fact, various studies recommend it!

Acupuncture has been proven to:

  • Alleviate symptoms experienced throughout pregnancy (nausea & vomiting, headaches, insomnia, constipation, low back pain, sciatic symptoms, breech fetal positioning and more). 
  • Support a healthy pregnancy and delivery.
  • Nourish mom and baby during the postpartum period (lactation support, healing residual symptoms from labor and delivery, musculoskeletal pain, mental health and wellbeing, and more!)


That being said, if you are pregnant, or are trying to become pregnant, it is very important that you let your practitioner know so that they can put together a safe treatment plan.

How should I prepare for my acupuncture treatment?

If possible, strive to get 6-8 hours of sleep the night before your treatment. Make sure that you are adequately hydrated and eat a light snack if you are between meal times and feeling hungry. We also ask that you wear comfortable or loose fitting clothing for easier access to your acupuncture points. Your practitioner will happily provide you with a gown or sheet for draping if needed. The more comfortable you feel, the more deeply you can relax and the more effective the treatment will be.